Title Content Author Grade Level File Size
Calculus 1 Students will learn more about derivative and its applications through the activity. Sencer Corlu 12 calculus.pdf 300 KB
Calculus Students will decide if limit is exists by graphing functions with Ti calculators. Sencer Corlu 12 calculus.pdf 500 KB
Factorizing Students will learn how to factorize the polynomials with the help of Ti calculators. Sencer Corlu 10 factorizing.pdf 336 KB
Inequality Systems Students will find the roots of inequality systems by graphing and using algebra Sencer Corlu 11 inequality systems.pdf 276 KB
Quadratics Students will explore how to solve quadratic inequalities by making table with Ti calculators. Sencer Corlu 10 quadratics.pdf 552 KB
Quadratics Coefficients Students will discover the effects of coefficients on the graphs of the fuctions. Sencer Corlu 10 quadratics.pdf 230 KB
Programming Quadratics Students will learn how to solve quadratic equations by writing a program on their Ti calculators. Sencer Corlu 10 programming quadratics.pdf 176 KB
Quadratics vertex and roots Students will investigate how to analyze vertex of quadratic functions Sencer Corlu 10 quadratics vertex.pdf 348 KB
Quadratics vertex point SStudents will solve quadratic equations by using real life problems. Sencer Corlu 10 quadratics vertex point.pdf 236 KB
Complex Numbers Students will investigate complex numbers and their algebraic properties. Sencer Corlu 10 complex numbers.pdf 648 KB
Statistics General Students will analyze the data by graphing. Sencer Corlu 11 statistics general.pdf 674 KB
Statistics General:The garlic problem Students will be able to use one-variable statisctics with Ti calculator. Sencer Corlu 11 statistics general2.pdf 344 KB
Statistics Problem Students will learn how to gather data for correlations between height, horizontal displacement and road surface. Sencer Corlu 12 statistics general3.pdf 430 KB
Statistics Problem 2 Students will gather the data from the real life in order to solve a statistics problem. Sencer Corlu 12 statistics general4.pdf 267 KB
Statistics Normal Distribution Students will learn how to draw normal distribution curve by using Ti calculators Sencer Corlu 12 statistics graph.pdf 125 KB
Statistics: scatter plot Students will learn how to plot scatter by using their calculators Sencer Corlu 11 statistics graph.pdf 420 KB